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It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Martlesham Brass has always held her in great esteem and we will miss her dedication and constant care for us.
We have followed her example of making our organisation open and welcoming to all.

We look to the future when we can celebrate her life and that of our new sovereign, King Charles III.

Martlesham Brass Publicity


14th February, 2006 - 14/2/06 Martlesham Brass final collection figures for Christmas 2005

Dear Editor

I would be grateful if you could include the following information in your publication.

Yours sincerely
Alison Eyley
Publicity Officer
Martlesham Brass

Martlesham Brass are pleased to announce that the amount of money collected over the Christmas period was £1768.46. We would like to thank all those people who gave so generously and for the venues who were kind enough to let us play and collect. The money donated helps to fund the activities of the band throughout the year and also goes to support local charitities.

At their AGM on 3 February Martlesham Brass presented three cheques of £240 each to Ipswich Hospital (Boxford and Bergholt wards, D.C.E. Disability Care Enterprise and CRY (Cardiac Arrest in the Young).


04/12/2005 Felixstowe Market £53.72 S. Aldous
£49.18 E Benyon
£37.42 M Aldous
£61.44 C Beale
Total £201.76

07/12/2005 Kesgrave Streets £54.27 C Beale
Total £54.27

08/12/2005 Sainsburys Warren Heath £36.14 P Nichols
£40.19 A Parker
£42.37 T Slater-Robins
£24.19 M Aldous
£19.23 C Beale
Total £162.12

10/12/2005 Sainsburys Warren Heath £82.34 A Eyley
£77.98 M Ellis
£87.44 Mark Chalklen
£80.57 E Howard
£62.75 Mrs Savoy
Total £391.08

11/12/2005 Felixstowe Market £57.93 C Beale
£63.00 C Hodge
Total £120.93

14/12/2005 Sainsburys Warren Heath £59.18 C Beale
£63.34 C Hodge
Total £122.52

18/12/2005 Felixstowe Market £52.07 S Benyon
£64.21 C Beale
Total £116.28

21/12/2005 Sainsburys Warren Heath £42.93 Mrs Goldsmith
£47.16 C Hale
£52.09 E Howard
£40.05 C Aldous
£63.17 M Aldous
£38.87 C Beale
Total £284.27

22/12/2005 Sainsburys Warren Heath £57.18 C Beale
£63.24 Robert Beale
£58.47 Alison Eyley
£66.23 E Benyon
£70.11 I Harvey
Total £315.23

Grand Total £1,768.46